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Two Vehicles Fall into Water After Bridge Collapses

In Washington D.C., an unstable bridge collapsed and sent two vehicles into the Skagit River this month. According to reports, a trucker drove his vehicle into the frame of the bridge, causing the structure to fold over. The Associated Press claims that no one was killed in connection with the incident, but three people were in the cars when they fell into the icy river below. All three sustained minor injuries and are expected to recover.

A Department of Transportation spokesman says that the situation is under ongoing investigation. Allegedly, the truck that caused the accident was carrying an oversized load along the interstate and this oversized item hit the frame of the bridge. The Department of Transportation is working to learn how it hit the bridge and the trucking company may be sued if they are found responsible.

In addition, the individuals injured in the accident may have the right to seek compensation from the trucking company or the city. If the Department of Transportation proves that the trucker was driving recklessly or had an illegally large load on the truck, then the company will need to pay all damages. If the Department of Transportation reveals that the bridge was not secure or was poorly engineered, then victims can sue the city for creating an unstable and unreliable structure.

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