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All About Florida Water Park Injuries

When school is out, the water parks all throughout the United States open up for the summer. Every day, these parks are packed with children and families that want to get some relief from the sun and refresh in the cool water. With their slipper slides and large wave pools, water parks can be an excellent summer activity. Unfortunately, water parks also come with some notable dangers.

One of the major dangers at water parks involves allowing individuals that are too heavy for the slide to still ride down it. When people weigh too much for a specific slide, there is a possibility that they will pick up too much speed. A person may be injured at the exit of the slide because of this. If people of drastic weight differences ride a slide right after one another, a water park ride attendant may fail to note the weight difference. This can cause the heavier person to speed down the slide and collide with the light child who may have entered the slide first and is slowly moving downwards.

Another way that individuals can be injured at a water park is if they ride slides that require a tube and fail to get a tube that is inflated all the way. A deflated tube can cause a person to slow when on the slide, and they may be injured if riders in a fast-moving tube come out after them. Whenever a rider is hit or thrown out of a tube on a water slide, it can facilitate a head injury, a spinal injury, or a broken limb.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admits that there are also disease and illnesses that may be spread at swimming parks. While these parks typically use chlorine in their water, the chemical cannot be relied on to kill all germs. There are sometimes dangerous germs in these parks that can cause skin disease, ear illnesses, respiratory infections, eye infections, neurological illnesses, wound infections, and gastrointestinal illnesses. Crypto is often present in chlorinated pools, and the bacteria can last in the pools for up to four days.

Another serious risk at water parks involves slip and fall accidents. Waterparks are full of slippery spots, and most people within the park are barefoot. As a result, there are many opportunities for individuals to slip and fall as a result of the accident. This can result in a head injury, a broken limb, a spinal injury, a traumatic brain injury, or a host of other serious accidents. If you have been harmed at a Florida water park a Coral Gables attorney may be able to help you seek compensation. Talk to a Coral Gables injury attorney right away for more information!

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