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Firearm Accidents

Firearm Accidents in Coral Gables, FL

Injured because of the accidental discharge of a gun?

Since 1930, the number of privately owned firearms in the United States has more than quintupled, and yet the annual number of accidental firearm deaths has decreased 80%. Because of the widespread publicity that firearm accidents receive in the media, it can sometimes seem like this isn't the case; however, the rate of fatal firearm accidents over the last 25 years has experienced the greatest decline among principal types and classes of accidental deaths.

The United Sportsmen of Florida has conducted extensive research into the types of firearm accidents and the number of accidental deaths related to firearm use. One of their most recent studies compared firearm accident rates to other accidental death rates in Florida and throughout the nation as well. The list of accident rates (fatalities per 100,000) in the state of Florida is as follows:

  1. Motor Vehicle Accidents: 15.3
  2. Poisoning: 7.1
  3. Falls: 6.4
  4. Suffocation & Choking: 2.0
  5. Drowning: 1.1
  6. Fires & Burns: 1.1
  7. Medical "Misadventures": 0.9
  8. Environmental Factors: 0.5
  9. Bicycles & Tricycles: 0.26
  10. Firearms: 0.25

Even though the number of firearm accidents is relatively low compared to other types of injury causing accidents, the impact of a firearm accident is usually very serious. If you or someone you love has been injured by the accidental discharge of a gun or because of another person's negligence, you must know that you have the right to seek justice and fair financial compensation. For this reason, you should start looking for a lawyer for your firearm accident case in Coral Gables.

Firearm Accidents: Establishing a Theory of Recovery

In order to seek compensation from an injury or wrongful death caused by a firearm accident, you must be able to establish a theory of recovery. This means that when your case is brought before the court, you must be able to explain how the accident happened in detail. It is important to prepare for your court hearing and to conduct a full investigation of your firearm accident beforehand so that you can present a viable theory of cause to the courtroom judge and jury.

Firearm accident claims are generally handled in one of two ways. Either the claim will be filed to address a defective firearm, or a negligence claim will be filed to address the misuse of a weapon. Manufacturing defects, design defects and general product defects can each be responsible for the accidental discharge of a firearm or another type of accident, and you may be able to file a claim against the manufacturer of that firearm. Additionally, if a firearm is not marketed and sold with the proper instructions for using the firearm, you can file a claim for a failure to warn. Product liability laws protect you from these types of accidents; our firm can help seek full protection through a claim.

There is another type of claim that you can file that is not related to the manufacturer. If you have been injured because another person breached his or her duties as a firearm owner, you may be able to hold that owner liable for an injury or death that occurred as a result of negligence. In order to be successful with this type of a claim, you must be able to show substantial proof that the duty of care was neglected.

Contact a Reliable Coral Gables Personal Injury Attorney

When you are trying to recover from serious injuries or the death of a loved one, you will benefit from the compassionate help and strong legal support that a Miami injury lawyer can provide. Here at Mesa Law Firm, we are here to defend your rights and will pursue the maximum amount of compensation available under the law for you and your loved ones. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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