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Traumatic Brain Injuries

Miami Brain Injury Lawyer

If you were injured in an accident, one of the possible injuries you could be left dealing with is a traumatic brain injury. Any injury to the brain is serious as it can not only affect the individual physically, but their entire personality could change.

A brain injury occurs through some type of violent blow or jolt to the head. Although the symptoms may not appear for days, the victim could be left with varying degrees of impairment depending on the severity of the injury.

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Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

When an extreme force impacts the head so strongly that the brain is injured, this is referred to as a traumatic brain injury (TBI). This injury is sometimes referred to as an intracranial injury. A number of different accidents can result in this type of catastrophic injury, particularly workplace accidents and car accidents Depending on the degree and further classification of the injury, the individual may never recover from the damage. Head trauma can render victims unable to perform everyday functions as they once were able to.

The brain can become damaged a number of different ways, but most commonly, this type of injury occurs because of a rapid acceleration or deceleration, blunt force trauma or penetration. Sometimes, the injury is visible while other times it cannot be detected unless there is a CT or other type of scan. As a result, the victim may lose brain function temporarily or permanently. There can be some confusion as to the difference between brain injuries and head injuries. While all brain injuries are head injuries, not all head injuries are brain injuries.

How to Classify a Brain Injury

There are three major factors that are involved in classifying a TBI. The first classifying factor is the severity of the injury which can be mild, moderate or severe. While there are many different ways to differentiate between severity, the Glasgow Coma Scale is the most widely used. There are three elements to the scale: analyzing the eyes, verbal capacity and motor skills. Each of these elements is then graded on a scale of one to six with one being the most severe. If you need help determining what grade your brain injury would be classified as, you can contact an injury lawyer in Miami for professional assistance.

Grade 1

  • Does not open eyes
  • Makes no sounds
  • Makes no movements

Grade 2

  • Opens eyes in response to painful stimuli
  • Incomprehensible sounds
  • Extension to painful stimuli

Grade 3

  • Opens eyes in response to voice
  • Utters inappropriate words
  • Abnormal flexion to painful stimuli

Grade 4

  • Opens eyes spontaneously
  • Appears confused and disoriented
  • Withdraws from painful stimuli

Grades five and six are the best responses, and typically do not result in long-term damage. At the end of this test, a doctor will then add the grades together. For example, if a patient displayed a grade 3 for eye, 2 for verbal capacity and a grade 4 for motor skills, their TBI will receive an overall grade of 9. It is commonly accepted that a grade of 13 or more is considered a mild injury, grades of 9-12 are considered moderate injuries and grades of 8 or below are severe traumatic brain injuries. Other ways to classify the type of TBI include any abnormal pathological features (i.e. lesions) and what caused the injury (i.e. a car accident versus a fall accident).

Treatment Options & Seeking Compensation

After the initial injury, experts say that treatment must be sought within one hour. Initial treatment will focus on getting the victim to stabilize, rather than reverse the damage caused by the trauma. Sometime after the patient has stabilized, they may begin physical therapy in order to restore partial or complete function. All traumatic brain injuries have the ability to cause long-term damage, although mild grade TBIs typically do not. Coma is one strong indicator of a poor outlook.

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